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If you have a pest problem, we are here to help you solve it. Please fill out this form and tell us about the problems you are having. We will come out for a free estimate, let you know what our customized service can do to help, and promise to get the job done right the first time.

We are different from other pest control companies because we will service your house EVERY month, not ONCE every three months. With a monthly service this  also removes the need of coming inside your house with chemicals that you don’t need. The initial service will include some inside spraying, but it is minimal and you won’t need us to go inside your home again.

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There are approximately 621 different spider species in Utah however, there are only a few that are of major concern. Let us help you keep your home safe from all of them.


Mice, Rats, Voles, Gophers and more. Utah is home to various rodents that can become a nuisance both inside and outside the home. Not to mention they carry various parasites and diseases such as Hantavirus. Let us take care of it.

A picture of a small mouse


There are 31species of snakes in Utah but only one, the Great Basin Rattlesnake is dangerous. Snakes can be beneficial to have around the home but we are still happy to help you remove them.


There are A LOT of different species of insects in our great state.. and we want to help you keep all of them out of your house. Insects carry parasites and diseases that can make family and furry friends sick.


Ticks aren’t something that people often consider a normal household pest. However, for anyone that lives in more rural areas of the state, even on the far western portions of Herriman, Eagle Mountain, Saratoga Springs can still encounter them around their homes. Let us help you keep them away from your house and prevent the spread of Lyme Disease.


Yellow Jackets

Both Yellow Jackets and Wasps can be beneficial to have around your property as they are predators for other insects. They can also be of concern as they are generally more aggressive than honey bee’s and are not afraid to sting humans or pets if they perceive a threat. Let us help you keep them from making your home their home.

Experience and Knowledge

Mucky Boot Pest Control has extensive experience handling different pests, rodents, wildlife, and bird issues. The company has been in service for five years, with a combined 25 years of family business experience, and the technicians have a wealth of experience in dealing with various types of pests, rodents, wildlife, and bird problems. Mucky Boot Pest Control brings its knowledge and expertise to every job they undertake, ensuring that its clients receive quality and superior results every time.

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