About Us

Dana & Rachael Smith started Mucky Boot Pest Control in 2019, we are locally owned, and our family has over 25 years in the pest control industry. Dana has learned from the best, his dad, who owns his own pest control company in Arizona. We have three children who are just as involved in our company, helping whenever they can with whatever we ask.

Dana has grown Mucky Boot Pest Control into the leading nuisance wildlife removal and bird control provider. He is certified with NWCOA and Bird Barrier and has five certifications on his license, and he is always looking to add more!

We pride ourselves on helping our customers in any way we can and never trying to sell them something they don’t need. We always promise to be honest, reliable, and offer affordable services. We customize our plans to fit your unique needs. And during the initial service, Dana inspects your home thoroughly, ensuring he understands precisely what you need to provide a customized plan to keep your house appropriately protected.

Mucky Boot Pest Control Mission

To ensure we only provide our customers with honest pest, wildlife, rodent, bird, and bat services, we strive to remain current on trainings and specialized work, and provide superior service with quality products and materials. We also promise to stay up-to-date on all state and federal laws, keeping our protected species and agriculture safe and our customers compliant.

Mucky Boot Core Values

1. To provide our customers with respectful, knowledgeable service, find answers to their needs, and constantly learn and grow to be the first and only call for any pest, wildlife, rodent, and bird job our customers have.

2. To provide superior pest, wildlife, rodent, and bird control services, continually learning the newest and best way to protect our customers’ homes.

3. To maintain our integrity, business, and moral ethics, and provide our customers with solutions, not bandaids.

4. To create a safe and rewarding workplace that promotes honesty, loyalty, and confidence.

We know several pest control companies exist in Salt Lake and Utah County. Mucky Boot Pest Control is different; we want to be your FIRST and ONLY call by offering:


We believe EVERYONE deserves affordable pest control. Although we stay competitive in pricing, we offer superior products and monthly services. Dana makes sure that he knows the best way to solve any problem our customer faces, reaching out to the best in the business from across the nation to ensure we fix your issue the first time. We know how important it is to keep your house free from bugs, rodents, wildlife, and birds. For the safety of our customers and their families, Dana is prepared to help keep your house protected. He will never use anything at your home that he wouldn’t use at his own house, because he knows how important keeping your family safe and healthy is.

We take care of pests, wildlife, rodents, and birds:

For homes and businesses, we are fully equipped to help solve any issues our customers face. We have worked hard to learn the best technique in not only pest control, but bird control, rodent control, and wildlife control as well. Knowing and following all state and federal laws of protected species and nuisance wildlife, we pride ourselves in keeping a relationship with our local governments and wildlife control officers to ensure we can best serve our customers in the community they live and work in.


Mucky Boot Pest Control has five certifications listed on its license, and they are constantly adding more. We want to be the expert you call for any pest control need you may have. We want our customers to get real answers to their questions, never selling our services based on fear-mongering, and we will never sell our customers something they don’t need. To stay current on all our certifications and add new ones as needed, we want to be an expert in every field we work in, ensuring we remain up-to-date on new products, techniques, and procedures.

We currently hold certifications in the following:

  • NWCOA Basic Wildlife Control Operator (BWCO)

  • NWCOA Advanced Wildlife Control Operator (AWCO)

  • NWCOA Bat Standards Certified (BSC)

  • NWCOA Bird Management Professional (BMP)

  • NWCOA Zoonotic Disease Professional

  • Bird B Gone Authorized Installer

  • Bird Barrier Authorized Installer

Mucky Boot Pest Control Satisfaction Guarantee:

We stand by our outstanding service guarantee. We know how to protect your home, and with monthly services, we know our customers are protected against all pests. We offer a one-year warranty on our garage door rodent seals and bird barriers.

Pest Control Treatment Plans:

Mucky Boot Pest Control offers a full year of protection with our monthly pest control services. We have learned exceptional winter services to keep your house protected at all times, including a Christmas Tree spray to keep unwanted pests from entering your home. Our pest control is superior because we offer different plans for all your needs. We know that a once-a-year treatment isn’t going to keep your house protected; we have flexible plans that provide an array of services to give each customer peace of mind throughout the entire year. Although we offer one-time treatment options, we highly recommend a continuous service; if not, monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly are also good alternatives.

Our Customized Plans:

Mucky Boot Pest Control knows that no two houses are the same, and to treat them the same is foolish. We customize our packages the same way we customize our service. We don’t have a huge water tank in our trucks; we know that isn’t the best way to protect your house. We mix the chemical on site so we know EXACTLY how much chemical is being used on your property. We know that as long as we do our job outside, the inside will stay protected without the continuous need to use chemicals inside your home. If you don’t see a plan that works for you, we will make a customized plan just for you.

Commercial Services:

We know business and commercial property needs are just as unique as residential needs. We customize our plans for your needs and work just as hard to protect your business as we do for our residential customers. We also highly recommend monthly treatments for our commercial partners to keep a sound barrier of protection. We also protect against rodents and wildlife. We can handle emergency calls, and no issue is too big or too small; we take it all seriously to give business owners one less worry. We hate bandaid fixes, and we want to offer a permanent solution to your problem with the best quality materials and installation.

Our Discounts:

We have always offered discounts on our pest control services to the military, first responders, and teachers. We also offer referral discounts on all services and have special deals that run a few times a year. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest details of everything happening with Mucky Boot Pest Control.

Our Community:

Mucky Boot Pest Control loves serving not only our community but yours too. We love supporting local non-profits that we love and those that are important to our customers too. We love giving non-profits and other business owners a platform through our Facebook Group Page, @MuckyBootCommunity.

Our Experience

Our People

Our People

Our advanced pest removal techniques ensure a guaranteed removal of pests from your property, providing you with complete peace of mind.

Our Promise

Our Promise

We ensure to use safe, eco-friendly, and non-toxic pest control methods, safeguarding your family and pets, as well as the environment.

Some of Our Services

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Lawns & Turf

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Trees & Hedges

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Brick & Rockery

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I know people already rave about Dana Mucky Boot Pest Control but I’m here to rave even more. We had invasive Starlings nest in this dryer vent, easily 25’ in the air on the side of our house. I called around and was quoted $500+ for the removal…

I called Dana on a Sat, he answered my call and gave me a quote over the phone (SIGNIFICANTLY less than $500) and he came out on Monday. He was honest, reliable and did an amazing job. He also did a discreet job of not telling my family exactly what was happening to the babies which I’m MORE THAN GRATEFUL for! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for him!

We had Dana clean our roof and install barriers around our solar panels to keep the pigeons from nesting under them. He did such an amazing job and we are so glad we contacted him to help us out! My only regret is not calling him sooner. Thank you so much!!!