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We specialize in helping eliminate or manage your rodent issues, which sometimes means a monthly check-up to keep them away! If you live next to a field or undeveloped land, let us help you keep your yard looking incredible.

Our Gopher and Vole Program


We offer a gopher and vole program starting at $200. That includes a full inspection of your back and front yard, and either setting traps or baiting.

**If you have issues with voles or gophers, pictures help; please attach them to the form below before you cover the holes or mounds.**

Customized Estimate

Gophers and voles create havoc in your yard which can, unfortunately, destroy your landscaping. That inspection will be a full review of the yard to identify tunnels and find the best places to trap or bait. After that inspection, Dana will sit down with you to discuss the best way to solve your problem. He will build you a customized quote to resolve the issue and help with yard repair. For bigger problems, Dana will discuss ongoing options to keep these pesky rodents controlled.

There are two methods, Dana can use to resolve your vole or gopher problem, bait or traps. If you have dogs or other digging animals, we will most likely use a trap. Both options are placed in the ground, the traps are checked weekly, and if one is caught, there is a $25 fee to remove and reset the trap.

If there is extensive damage to your yard, we also offer yard repair. If this is something you would like, please let Dana know, and we will send you a customized estimate.


Why Choose Us As Your Rodent Control Experts?

Our job is not to put a bandaid on your problem, but rather solve your problem. Our goal is to make your house impossible for rodents to enter. From weather stripping to sealing entry points, we want to keep your house free of rodents. We use only the best, high-quality products and make sure they are installed correctly.

Types of Rodents We Service


Mice can fit through any crack, crevice, or hole that is one-fourth of an inch or larger, that is about the width of a pencil. They can make their nests in many areas in and around the home, especially in stacked firewood, stones and bricks, and piles of leaves or other debris. We don’t just fill those holes with foam, as mice will eat right through it. Our job is to solve your problem, not just provide a quick-fix.

Did you know that mice can carry and spread over 35 diseases, even spreading illness through their feces and urine? Mouse fur can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Just them crawling on counters can contaminate the area.

If you have had ongoing issues, know that the build-up of their feces in walls can cause respiratory and odor issues. Although this isn’t usually the case for small residential jobs, continued problems left untreated can eventually create bigger problems.

Here are some things you can do if you find mice in your house:

Make sure the food in your pantries are in sealed containers, including dog food.

Wash your hands in you come into contact with their feces, and use a good quality cleaner, such as Clorox or Lysol, to clean your shelves.

Don’t leave food in bedrooms, or on the counter for long periods of time; this is just a warm invitation for them to stay.


Utah has two species of gophers, the Northern Pocket Gopher and the Botta’s Pocket Gopher. If you have gophers, it is probably the Northern Pocket Gopher. They tunnel underground looking for food. In the warmer months, these tunnels are near the surface. Gophers can damage lawns and gardens, underground cables, irrigation, and other things buried in the ground.

Gophers love alfalfa and dandelion roots; they also favor roots, stems, bulbs, and tubers. That makes them a problem in the lawn and garden. You will notice their entry points for sure, as they are mounds of dirt, not just holes. If they have been in your yard for a while and have dug many tunnels, they could collapse if stepped on.

Gophers are creative and sneaky, having many different depths of tunnels for their needs. They can burrow anywhere from 3 inches from the surface down to 6 feet below. They are closer to the surface during the warmer months collecting and saving food. Gophers feed a little deeper, between 6-12 inches from the surface, and they store their food 6 feet from the surface. This is where they like to stay through the winter months. Gophers, like voles, do not hibernate; they stay active in the winter months, just move a little slower and stay below the frost line.

If you have problems with gophers, make sure you don’t let the mounds sit, spread, or get rid of the dirt, so your grass below it doesn’t die.


Rats can fit through cracks or holes about the size of a quarter. Rats are capable of fitting into very small holes but not because their bones are very soft, or their bones come apart, but because their bodies are long, flexible, and cylindrical in composition. Rats can also get access into narrow places because they burrow, allowing them to create spaces where they can run through tunnels and tight places.


Voles, also called meadow mice, are small rodents, compared to large mice or rats. Voles cause many types of yard damage. They feed on nursery stock, fruit trees, and ornamental plantings. They damage lawns by building runways underground. They also damage root crops, bulbs, and tubers. Most damage by voles occurs under the snow during the winter, but they keep us really busy during the summer months too.

If you find small holes, usually clumped together, it’s most likely from a vole. Voles are adapted to digging and build many tunnels and surface runways with a lot entry points. They are active throughout the day and do not hibernate in winter. Vole activity is closely tied to the grasses that are their primary food.

Request a Rodent Control Inspection

Please fill out our contact form below and let us customize a plan for your home. Pictures can be incredibly helpful for us to review; please attach any photos if available.


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I know people already rave about Dana Mucky Boot Pest Control but I’m here to rave even more. We had invasive Starlings nest in this dryer vent, easily 25’ in the air on the side of our house. I called around and was quoted $500+ for the removal…

I called Dana on a Sat, he answered my call and gave me a quote over the phone (SIGNIFICANTLY less than $500) and he came out on Monday. He was honest, reliable and did an amazing job. He also did a discreet job of not telling my family exactly what was happening to the babies which I’m MORE THAN GRATEFUL for! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for him!

We had Dana clean our roof and install barriers around our solar panels to keep the pigeons from nesting under them. He did such an amazing job and we are so glad we contacted him to help us out! My only regret is not calling him sooner. Thank you so much!!!